farm work cairns



Saison: from middle of december to march ( 2 week break and of January)

Stay: Atherton and Tolga

Lodge: Atherton travellers lodge and Tolga country lodge and many more

Price: 200 – 265 Doller (not cheap and not clean!)

how to find: internet by gumtree and happy travels (membership 150 Doller per year)

best webpage of saison work: harvest calender


If you have a car you can try to go immediate to the farm. But by many farm’s give it a since for no job’s. It’s a business and the people now each other!! The working hostel send you to the farm. If your farm finished the hostel send you to the next. If any job’s available. A bus bring you to the farm. It’s better to tell him not if you have a car!!!

looking for a job! Skills boxing and the capital from Karl Marx to declaim!

looking for a job! Skills: boxing and the capital from Karl Marx to declaim!

Attention!! The Host is an asshole! Don’t trust him! Many people don’t get the deposite back (200 Doller). Ditto for all off them (hole australia)!


Attention!!! It’s called working hostel but there will be no any guarantee for work!!!!!


Sorry for my english